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Interview - George Brauchler Show

February 1st, 2024

Please listen in to hear my conversation with radio host George Brauchler

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Press Release



DATE: April 23, 2024


RE: Thank you to the constituents of the 4th Congressional district - Primary ballot


Candidate Peter Yu approved for Colorado's 4th Congressional district - Primary ballot


I am excited to announce that I will be on the June 25th primary ballot thanks to you, the people of the 4th congressional district.


When I declared my candidacy, I made it my mission that I would personally introduce myself and meet as many constituents as possible in CD4 (4th Congressional district).  As a result, I have personally knocked on over 12,000 doors already this year.  I have enjoyed standing with many of you for 30 minutes or more listening to your view on issues of our country.  I pride myself on returning every phone call, personally answering every email, and visiting public venues throughout our district to connect with you, the concerned citizens of CD4.  I am committed to going out and meeting CD4 citizens everyday regardless if I am getting sunburned or it is freezing outside.


As a result, I have personally met over 25,000 new voters this year and have built a dedicated support group for the upcoming election by showing the residents of CD4 my work ethic, dedication, and the type of representative they would have if elected.


I am proud to say I personally collected close to 90% of the signatures that were submitted.  Unlike other candidates, I did not use donations from voters to buy signatures.  This was a 100% grassroots effort by myself and my supporters to demonstrate my financial ideals, trustworthiness, and dedication as your representative.


Moving forward, I will personally knock on more than 20,000 doors between now and the Primary.  There will be several open house and town hall meetings where I will be inviting all CD4 constituents, regardless of political affiliation.  I will continue to work hard to improve my personal understanding of CD4 voters' concerns.  I know there are many who are disheartened by our current system and are looking for a trustworthy candidate to support on election day.


I do not take this opportunity lightly.  I feel blessed to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world.  I am honored to have the possibility of working and representing you in Washington.  You have told me that it is not about outside endorsements, rather it is about making promises I can keep, being true to the voters of CD4, and being the most accessible representative in Colorado. It is now time we start making the people of CD4 the priority.  I am about personal attention, hearing your concerns and problems, and working to develop solid solutions that will serve a united people rather than ideas that further divide us as citizens. 


I believe a solid conservative who has a broad appeal to all voters is needed.  I believe that I am that candidate.  If elected, I will never forget I work for you, and I am dedicated to ensuring that you will have a personal connection.


We have many serious concerns that need to be dealt with in our own country.  I will continue to work hard to demonstrate I am a man of my word.  I am ready to personally meet and represent you and I humbly ask for your support and vote this June.


Peter Yu

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