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Endorsement Policy
To ensure that you have honest and true representation, it is of the utmost importance that you know as your next congressman, I have never solicited, asked, or accepted an endorsement from the political sector, business world, or any activist organization.
By doing so, I am assuring that I am not beholden to any organization or individual. This is an important attribute so that you know as a constituent of Colorado's 4th Congressional District, I will always act in the best interest of the people of my district, state, and country.  
The citizens of America have lost trust in our elected officials and Washington D.C.  As a result, I have taken steps to not follow the path of other representatives and their campaigns.  I have made sure that I can act according to the vision that our founding fathers put forth in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
The only endorsement I require is from the people of my district.  It is you who I serve, and I only answer to you.  As your next representative I will always act appropriately without any reservations or restrictions.

Thank you, Peter Yu

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