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My Story

Fighting for What We Believe In. Together.


Peter's journey for Congress began in 2017 when he ran for office in Colorado's 2nd Congressional District.  It was a priority on day one to focus on the issues that affect each American daily.  Peter soon became recognized nationally and gained attention when multiple election forecasters picked him to win in a race that was deemed impossible.  Peter achieved his growing support by engaging with every possible constituent of his district, adding more and more supporters, and amplifying more and more voices.  In 2021, Peter once again made national news when he was a candidate for U.S. Senate and made headlines across the country when he spoke out against the status quo narrative.  Peter's willingness to address the issues and meet the problems head on is the reason Peter has been seen as the candidate who can make a difference.


As a second-generation immigrant, Peter was the first of his family to be born in America. Peter's parents and his six brothers and sisters came to America in 1969 with no money and not speaking a word of English. Peter and his family in their early beginnings had to endure difficult work scenarios and overcome financial struggles to survive. However, despite many obstacles, Peter's family are proud that 5 of the 7 children received their college degree. And today, because of all the opportunities that exist in this country, all 7 children have achieved great success, proving that anything is possible in America.


As for Peter, successes have come in many avenues. He has held executive roles of director and manager at some of the largest companies in the world, like HSBC Bank and Wyndham Worldwide.  He has also achieved great results running several local companies and helped grow their business brand within the local communities.  Today, Peter and his family are humbled by the fact that they were able to make a home in Colorado, and that their successes are due to living in America.  And for that, Peter and his family are thankful to be citizens of the United States of America and proud to say we are Americans!  It is with great pride to know that in this country, hard work truly can be rewarded with a better life.  Now it is our responsibility to preserve these same opportunities that we received for the future generations of this great nation.

Peter formulates ideas that promote real solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by society. Peter challenges the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be and is proud to be a force for positive transformation.

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Get Involved

We Need Everyone


Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. By Volunteering, you become a crucial part of our movement by making sure that our mission is heard and has a far-reaching, lasting impact.

Planning a Fundraiser

Active participation is an essential part of our movement’s success. Planning a Fundraiser is a great way to help Peter achieve his goal of being your next representative in Colorado's 4th Congressional District.  Contact Peter and his team to coordinate a fundraiser in your community.

Organizing an Event

Our work is never done, and we can use all the help we can get. One of the ways you can take part is by Organizing an Event. Spread the word about all that Peter is doing and help us gain the support we need.

A representative for the entire district and state

Committed to protecting our rights and freedom

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Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

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