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Issues that must be addressed

Immigration Reform

In the last three years alone, we have seen 8 million plus immigrants illegally cross our border.  In the month of December 2023, a record was set with over 300k encounters, and in the FY2023, there were a total of 139 arrested individuals who are on the terrorist suspect list.  In Colorado, per the Denver Post, our capital of Denver alone received more migrants per capita over the past year than any other large U.S. city that is not on the southern border.  Failure to make immigration reform a priority only encourages crime, drug smuggling, and human trafficking into America. No longer can we ignore this issue as having an unsecured border threatens our resources, our safety, and the sovereignty of our nation.  It is time to enforce our already established asylum laws and stop all catch and release procedures.

Cost of Living / Economy

Each American is feeling the pinch of an inflated cost of living and lagging economy. Everything from food, household goods, energy, and interest rates have gone up in cost and is hurting our daily lives.  It is time to address our overbearing government regulations, increase the supply of all goods being produced, and control our government spending so that our economy is strong to allow costs to come down. This will be a step in the right direction so that Americans can have the life they deserve.


Energy independence is the lifeline to our future.  Reliable and affordable energy determines the future of our jobs, our quality of life, an affordable cost of living, and potential future development.  Electricity bills in Colorado have increased by a minimum of 38% per month this year and gas prices have at times more than doubled since 2020.  America can no longer rely on foreign nations for energy or be susceptible to unreliable energy sources that are high costs.  Moving forward, all energy sources must be evaluated as our population and energy needs are only going to increase.

National Debt / Spending

The United States of America has a national debt that now exceeds $34 trillion dollars.  U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (  Our interest payment each year on this debt has now reached one trillion dollars.   This spending is the reason for our high rates of inflation, unaffordable cost of living, and is the biggest threat to the future generations of America.  As we all know, America does not have a revenue problem, we have a SPENDING problem.  Congress can no longer continue this reckless spending and borrowing of money. It is time to be responsible as our nation's credit rating is under review, our soon to be inability to pay our bills, and our unfunded liabilities are jeopardizing the children of this country and their ability to make a life for themselves.


Colorado is home to nearly 32 million acres of agriculture land, directly and indirectly employs 195K jobs and contributes $47 billion to Colorado's state economy.  It is important that in Colorado we prioritize our farms and ranches to be set up for success.  On a regular basis in Colorado our farms are presented with a concern to protection of their water rights, private property, increasing operation costs, and high rural health care.  It is important that we take care of our ranchers and farms (without having government interference) and ensure that they always have the proper assistance when necessary to continue their operations.  With unpredictable weather patterns, droughts, danger to livestock, we must make sure that our farmers and ranchers are set up to succeed despite any upcoming circumstances.  


Healthcare in America is costing more and more each year.  The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable.  Insurance premiums continue to rise, health insurance options are becoming minimal, deductibles are rising, and there is realization that we have a doctor shortage due to being overworked.  It is more important than ever that we look at all health care options to reduce costs, include more technology to reduce the burden on doctors, reduce middlemen such as pharmacy benefit managers, and demand transparency in our healthcare costs.


Drug overdose in America has been increasing every year and in the most recent report for the year ending 2022, the number of overdose deaths in America exceeded over 109,000.  One of the leading causes of these deaths are fentanyl and the amount coming into America each month is destroying our country.  According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, law enforcement seized "more than 360 million deadly doses" of fentanyl in 2023, but the drug remains cheap and widely available.  Fentanyl, meth, heroin, cocaine, and now nitazenes are destroying our country and are a threat to the future well-being of America.  The damaging toll on our country from drugs entering America increases every year, and it is time to have strict policy to control this growing problem.

Taking Care of our Veterans

In my campaign, I have spoken to hundreds of veterans to learn their concerns and needs. It is a priority to make sure that we take care of the people who fight and protect our freedoms.  I will be sure to make it a focus that our veterans have access to high quality healthcare.  I will ensure that we have treatment services for those who have issues and trauma from service in wars. And I will be sure to assist foreign colleagues who support American forces.

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